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Teaching Resources for Adjunct Law Professors

TAMU Law Resources

All adjuncts need to be familiar with the basic course and syllabus requirements. These are available online through the School of Law's faculty webpage here - just click on the "Teaching Resources" tab to get access to course descriptions, syllabus and credit hour policies, the academic calendar, exam information, the student handbook, and more. School of Law policies and procedures can be found under the "Policies and HR" tab.

The Law Library provides access to a wide variety of teaching resources. All adjuncts who are currently teaching at least one course are entitled to access these resources. Be sure to check out the Faculty Resources page for all of the services we offer - in most cases, adjunct faculty are entitled to the same services that we provide to full-time faculty, including research help for you and in-class research instruction for your students.

Below are a few databases and links that new instructors might find useful. Please note that this is not a comprehensive list; we encourage you to look around the library's Electronic Resources page and discover all of the other available databases! (Note: using most of these databases requires a simple login process via the library's proxy server. If you have any difficulties logging in, please contact Joan Stringfellow for assistance.)

Chronicle of Higher Education

Encyclopedia of Education Law


EBSCOhost Databases: Relevant databases include Education Source, Professional Development Collection, Teacher Reference Center, and Education Full Text. Access is available by clicking this link, then clicking on "EBSCOhost Research Databases" and browsing to the desired database.

Library Catalog

The Law Library has a large collection of books related to the philosophy and practice of teaching law, ranging from beginners' guides to advanced theoretical discussion. To see what we have available, visit the library catalog and do a subject search for the term "Law Study and teaching United States", or contact a reference librarian and we will be happy to show you where to look. If you are already familiar with the library's call number system, you can go directly to the area of the collection where these books are kept; all legal education books are found at call number KF272.

TAMU-College Station Resources

All School of Law faculty are part of the larger TAMU College Station community and have access to the wide array of teaching assistance resources they provide. Below are links to campus offices and programs, library databases, and other useful materials.

University Offices:

Library Resources:

The TAMU librarians have put together several research guides on education-related topics. To view them, go here.

For a complete list of education-related databases, go to the main database page and select "Education" from the Subject drop-down menu.

Other Online Resources

There's a lot of teaching advice out there on the Web. While these sites vary widely in quality, currency and usefulness, there are some that are well worth your time, especially for new instructors. Below is a list of the resources we think are most useful for School of Law adjuncts.