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Seminar Guide - The Politics of Supreme Court Decision Making

A guide to seminar-specific resources as well as general help writing a seminar paper.

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Cynthia Burress
Dee J. Kelly Law Library
Texas A&M University School of Law
1515 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Introduction to The Politics of Supreme Court Decision Making

This course considers the Supreme Court as a political entity, not merely a court or decision-making body. The students are required to study individual justices, different judicial periods and courts (i.e. the Warren Court, the Burger Court, the Roberts Court) and evaluate how the political nature of decision making affects lawyers and their clients.

This guide introduces students to the basics of writing a seminar paper. It includes sections on selecting a paper topic, performing a basic preemption check, and improving your academic writing. You'll also find lists of books, databases and websites on subjects specific to the seminar, which will help you figure out where to begin your research.

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