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Student Article Submissions through Scholastica

This guide explains the School of Law's policies and procedures related to students submitting law journal articles for publication through Scolastica.

What is Scholastica? How does it work?

Scholastica is a law review article submission service that allows authors to manage paper submissions to multiple journals. Scholastica is currently used by many journals as the primary or preferred method of submission for faculty and students. 

Scholastica accounts are free to create, but there is a $6.50 fee for each paper submission to each journal. Submitting one paper to 10 separate journals will incur 10 separate paper submission fees.

Some journals encourage authors - particularly student authors - to submit papers using alternative methods such as email or online forms through the journal's website. To help keep submission costs low, you may want to make a list of journals you want to publish with and look up whether or not alternative submission methods are accepted or encouraged.

Does the School of Law pay for student submissions?

The School of Law encourages students to write papers of publishable quality and will pay for a limited number of paper submissions for select students. Here is how it works:

  • Students must have a faculty member review and recommend their paper to be eligible. The faculty member must make the recommendation on behalf of the student by sending an email to with the student's name, TAMU email address, and title of paper being submitted.‚Äč
  • Once approved and processed, students will be able to log in to Scholastica using their TAMU email address to submit the paper. Before submitting, you should consult with your faculty advisor and/or Professor Retteen about developing a target publication list and submission strategy. You should consult the Levit, et al guide, Submission of Law Student Articles for Publication, and double check their information against the law reviews’ websites.
  • The School of Law will pay for a maximum of 15 submissions for each eligible paper. All fees for submissions in excess of the 15-maximum limit will be charged back to the student.