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Law Journal Editor Resource Guide

A resource guide to help law journal students manage journals published at the School of Law.

Where Are Texas A&M University School of Law Journals Published?

The School of Law's journals are published on Texas A&M Law Scholarship, a bepress Digital Commons institutional repository platform provided by the Dee J. Kelly Law Library.

Direct links to the publicly accessible School of Law's journals on the repository:

How Do I Access Journal Management Tools?

From any page on the repository, you can click on the "My Account" link or log in to your account at the following link:

After logging in, you should see Editor Tools for the journal you are associated with, which provides links to the "Configuration," "Manage Submissions," and "Upload" tools.

  • Configuration allows you to create new volumes & new issues within volumes and edit a variety of journal settings. 
  • Upload allows you to add articles to the journal that can be assigned to a created volume/issue.
  • Manage Submissions allows you to search for and manage specific articles in the journal & to close an issue when it is ready to be published.

How Do I Make Changes to Journal Pages on Law School Website?

The School of Law's journals have webpages with links to current articles from the repository and more information about the journal:

These webpages are maintained by IT and are separate from the institutional repository that hosts the School of Law's journal articles. To make changes to content on these pages, you can submit a request using the following request form: