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Article Submissions Through ExpressO (Students)

This LibGuide provides an overview to students of the services available to them through ExpressO.

Service Shutdown after June 30, 2021

Bepress ExpressO recently announced a complete service shutdown after the 2021 submission season. The following is the announced timeline for the service shutdown:

March 31: Last day to submit to law reviews.
June 30: Complete service shutdown.

While March 31 will be the last day to submit your articles for publication consideration, all accounts, including those for law reviews, will remain open and accessible until June 30. This allows users to continue to manage their submissions, make and accept offers, and download submission information.

What is ExpressO?

ExpressO is an online manuscript delivery service and central marketplace for the community of legal scholars, student editors, and law schools. ExpressO hosts a powerful suite of integrated tools and features that provides authors with a streamlined submission process.

How Do I Access ExpressO?

All 2L and 3L J.D. students can access ExpressO to make submissions. You can log in by going to using your TAMU e-mail address. 

If this is the first time you are accessing your account, enter your TAMU email address, leave the password field blank and click Login. You will then have the opportunity to enter a password to use for future access. If this is not working, you should be able to use the "Forgot Your Password" links to gain access to your account.

If for any reason you cannot get access to ExpressO using your TAMU email address, or if you are not a 2L or 3L J.D. student and wish to submit articles using ExpressO, please reach out to the Digital Services & Repository Librarian to request an account activation.

Can I Make Unlimited Submissions Using ExpressO?

Your ExpressO account provided by the School of Law allows you to make an unlimited number of submissions to any secondary (non-flagship, subject specific) publication. 

NOTE: If you have one article that can be submitted to journals spanning more than one category, you are allowed to make multiple submissions of the same article to as many subject categories as you want.

When you are ready to submit your work, go to, click Learn More in the Authors box. Follow these steps to make your submission:

  1. Select Law Reviews
    • Click Start Your Submission! to begin. You will see a prompt and can select a Subject Area most relevant to your manuscript. Once you select a category, click Select.
    • A list of all available law reviews under that category can be selected by check marking the box next to the review’s title. After selecting your law reviews, click Continue.
  2. Article Information
    • ​​Enter your submission metadata, upload your article, and click Continue
    • ExpressO accepts Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, and PDF.
  3. Review & Payment
    • Review your submission information, including metadata and selected law review(s). Complete the submission process by agreeing to the terms of service and clicking Finish.
    • You should not be prompted to make a payment. If you are asked to make a payment, please stop and reach out to the Digital Services & Repository Librarian to confirm your account is properly authenticated.

For an overview of how to review and manage your ExpressO submissions within My Account, you can watch this Managing Your ExpressO Submissions tutorial.

Where Should I Submit My Article?

Deciding which publications to submit to and, ultimately, where to publish your article, involves considering a variety of factors such as subject area, target audience, and the publication's relative ranking and reputation to name a few. Every author will weigh these factors differently when making submission and publication decisions. 

Even though the School of Law provides students with ExpressO accounts, not all publications accept submissions through this platform. Some publications exclusively accept submissions through Scholastica, and others will accept submissions through e-mail or through their own website. If submitting through ExpressO is not available for your preferred publication(s), you will have to look up the specific submission guidelines to discover what alternatives are available. 

If you would like any guidance on the topic of submitting or publishing articles, please feel free to schedule a consultation meeting with our Digital Services & Repository Librarian.

Some resources that can be helpful in making a placement decision include:


Can I Use This Account With Scholastica?

Your ExpressO account is separate and distinct from Scholastica. The School of Law does not currently provide students with accounts to make submissions through Scholastica.