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Researching Texas Law: Guardianship

About This Guide

This guide is intended as an introduction to Texas Guardianship. It is not intended as an exhaustive list of available materials. You may search the Law Library catalog for additional resources.

Introduction to Guardianship

Guardianship is the fiduciary relationship between a guardian and a ward or other incapacitated person, whereby the guardian assumes the power to make decisions about the ward’s person or property.

guardian is one who has the legal authority and duty to care for another’s person or property, especially because of the other’s infancy, incapacity, or disability. 

An incapacitated person is someone who is impaired by an intoxicant, by mental illness or deficiency, or by physical illness or disability to the extent that personal decision-making is impossible.

ward is a person, usually a minor, who is under a guardian's charge or protection.

*Above definitions provided by Black's Law Dictionary