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School of Law Resource & Policy Guide for Adjunct Professors


As adjunct professors of the School of Law, you have the same access to the Library's physical and electronic collections as any full-time faculty members. This includes the ability to check out books, use our online databases, and access Westlaw and Lexis with Law School-provided passwords. Please note that this access is ONLY granted during a semester in which you are teaching a School of Law course.

The Law Library provides access to a wide variety of teaching resources. All adjuncts who are currently teaching at least one course are entitled to access these resources. Be sure to check out the Faculty Resources page for all of the services we offer - in most cases, adjunct faculty are entitled to the same services that we provide to full-time faculty, including research help for you and in-class research instruction for your students.

See the other boxes on this page for more information about using the Law Library's resources.

Using the Library

Finding Books

All of the materials in our collection are indexed in our online catalog. See this Guide for instructions on searching the catalog, or ask a reference librarian for help.

Once you've found the catalog record for the book you want, make a note of the call number. That's where you'll find the book in the Library's collection. You can click the "Map It" button next to the call number to see exactly where it's located. If you have any trouble using the catalog or locating a book, just ask a reference librarian for help.

Checking Out a Book

Once you have the book you want, take it to the Circulation Desk and one of our friendly circulation clerks will check it out to you. Please note that there is a checkout limit - adjunct faculty may check out a maximum of fifteen items. If you have fifteen items checked out already, you'll need to return one or more before you can check out additional items. Any items you have checked out are due at the end of the semester during which you're teaching.

Reserve Collection

The Library purchases copies of all books that are required for current courses, as well as some recommended books. In order to ensure that all students have access to these heavily used materials, they are kept behind the Circulation Desk and may be checked out for two hours of in-library use only. You do not need to request that the Library put an item on reserve; we check the book list before every semester and populate our reserve collection accordingly.

Interlibrary Loan

If the Library doesn't own a book and you need it for Law School-related business or research, you may request that we interlibrary loan a copy. We will contact other libraries that own the book and ask them to check out a copy to us, which you will then be able to check out and use. To request this service, fill out our Interlibrary Loan Form. If you have any questions about the interlibrary loan service, please contact Cynthia Burress.

Circulation Questions?

As a reminder, our circulation clerks are law students, not librarians. They cannot answer reference questions and they don't have the authority to override circulation policies. If you have any questions about checking out books, placing books on reserve, or any other Library circulation policy, please ask a reference librarian or contact our Circulation Librarian, Karin Strohbeck.

Reference Assistance

Reference Questions

The reference librarians are available from 9-6 Monday-Friday to answer your reference questions. While we cannot give legal advice, we can gather and review materials for your research and provide summary research and bibliographic information. We are also available for personal consultation regarding new resources, research projects and training research assistants. To contact a reference librarian, just fill out our online form, call 817-212-3805, or email

Online Research Guides

The reference department has created a large variety of research guides to commonly-requested topics, both practical and doctrinal. To see the guides we offer, visit this page. If you don't see a guide on a topic and you'd like us to create one, just contact the Reference Desk. We can also create guides on very specific topics that you can then use in-class to help teach your students how to research that topic.


The reference librarians can conduct instructional sessions during your class on the use of specialized legal materials and research strategies. These are especially useful for students working on rigorous writing papers, who will learn effective and efficient research strategies using the materials available through the law library. These sessions are customized to meet each professor's requirements and can cover a variety of topics and take as little or as much time as the professor desires.

To request classroom instruction, tours and overviews of the library collections and services, or to refer students for individual research consultations, please contact the Reference Desk.

Electronic Resources

The Library subscribes to a large number of legal and law-related databases, which can be accessed via our Electronic Resources page. As an adjunct faculty member of TAMU Law, you are also entitled to access any database offered by the Texas A&M University Libraries; a list of their subscriptions can be found here.

Questions About Electronic Resources?

If you have technical problems, including trouble logging into or accessing any of these databases, or if you need a Westlaw, Lexis Advance, or Bloomberg Law password, please contact Joan Stringfellow. For all other database-related questions, you can contact a reference librarian at 817-212-3805, fill out a Library Service Request Form, or email