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Antiracism Resources

Teaching Books and eBooks

Integrating Doctrine and Diversity: Inclusion and Equity in the Law School Classroom

Drawing upon the experience of faculty from across the country, Integrating Doctrine and Diversity is a collection of essays with practical advice, written by faculty for faculty, on specific ways to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion into the law school curriculum.  

Vulnerable Populations and transformative Law Teaching: A critical reader

Call Number: KF336 .V84 2011

The “Vulnerable Populations and Economic Realities” teaching conference brought together law faculty, practitioners, and students to reexamine how issues of race, gender, sexual identity, nationality, disability, and generally—outsider status—are linked to poverty.

Diversity in Action: A Manual for Diversity Professionals in Law

Diversity in Action: A Manual for Diversity Professionals in Law is a step-by-step guide to developing, implementing, and managing the functions of diversity and inclusion in an institutional setting. With this manual, you will be able to evaluate and effectively support the way your organization approaches diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Race Talk and the Conspiracy of Silence: Understanding and Facilitating Difficult Dialogues on Race

It's important that people have the ability to converse openly and honestly with their students, colleagues, children, and neighbors, and Race Talk provides the path for achieving this goal.

Raising the Bar: Diversifying Big Law

Four partners of color from leading law firms engage in a no-holds-barred conversation about what it takes to make it in big law using their own journeys to the top to discuss how law firms can do a better job of attracting and holding on to a more diverse set of young attorneys.

Algorithms of Oppression : How Search Engines Reinforce Racism

Safiya Umoja Noble argues that the combination of private interests in promoting certain sites, along with the monopoly status of a relatively small number of Internet search engines, leads to a biased set of search algorithms that privilege whiteness and discriminate against people of color, specifically women of color. 

Critical Race Theory

Critical Race Theory covers the ways in which other societies and disciplines adapt its teachings and, for readers wanting to advance a progressive race agenda, includes new questions for discussion, aimed at outlining practical steps to achieve this objective. 

Culturally Responsive Teaching: Theory, Research, and Practice

Combining insights from multicultural education theory with real-life classroom stories, this book demonstrates that all students will perform better on multiple measures of achievement when teaching is filtered through students’ own cultural experiences. 

Race, Equity, and the Learning Environment : The Global Relevance of Critical and Inclusive Pedagogies in Higher Education

Race, Equity, and the Learning Environment: The Global Relevance of Critical and Inclusive Pedagogies in Higher Education

The examples in this book illustrate the importance of recognizing the detrimental impact of dominant ideologies, of evaluating who is being included in and excluded from the learning process, and paying attention to when teaching fails to consider students'varying social, psychological, physical and/or emotional needs.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Action: Planning, Leadership, and Programming

Academic libraries need approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) that position these priorities as ongoing institutional and professional goals. This book's model programs will help academic libraries do exactly that, sharing a variety of initiatives that possess clear goals, demonstrable outcomes, and reproducible strategies