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Legal Research Bootcamp 2020

Information for students interested in attending the Legal Research Bootcamp.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are these sessions free?

Yes! All sessions are free for TAMU law students.

I'm a 1L and don't have much research experience yet. Do I have to be a 2L or a 3L to attend?

No! These sessions are aimed at beginning researchers as well as those who are a bit more experienced. No matter your level, there's something in the bootcamp for you.

Do I need to register to attend?

Yes! We ask that you register for each individual session you want to attend. Upon registration, you'll receive a Zoom link specific to that session.

What if I can only attend a few of the sessions?

That's just fine. The sessions are self-contained and you can register for as many or as few as you like.

Will there be any homework?

No! This is not a for-credit course and we want you to just sit back and learn, so we won't expect you to do any homework. There is a short self-assessment that we encourage you to take before and after the bootcamp so you can see how much you've learned, but this is not required and will not be graded.