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Reference Librarian Liaison List

Cynthia Burress

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Cynthia Burress
Dee J. Kelly Law Library
Texas A&M University School of Law
1515 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Malikah Hall

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Professor Malikah Hall
Dee J. Kelly Law Library |Texas A&M University School of Law
1515 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Kristen Rowlett

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Kristen Rowlett
(817) 212-3829

Every TAMU Law faculty member is assigned a reference librarian as their library liaison. Your liaison can help you with research questions, RA training, in-class research instruction, and any other research needs. To find your liaison, just look up your name in this list. You can find the reference librarians' contact information in the boxes to the left, or you can always contact them at or via phone at 817-212-3805.

Reference Librarian Liaison List

Faculty Liaison
Ahdieh, Robert Cynthia Burress
Alton, Stephen Cynthia Burress
Burge, Mark Cynthia Burress
Sage, Bill Cynthia Burress
Fortney, Susan Cynthia Burress
George, Paul Cynthia Burress
Helge, Terri Cynthia Burress
Henning, William Cynthia Burress
Lucas, Gary Cynthia Burress
Maher, Brendan Cynthia Burress
Mulvaney, Timothy Cynthia Burress
Pauli, Carol Cynthia Burress
Penrose, Meg Cynthia Burress
Pham, Huyen Cynthia Burress
Phillips, Susan Cynthia Burress
Ragavan, Srividhya Cynthia Burress
Rich, Lisa Cynthia Burress
Short, Aric Cynthia Burress
Snyder, Franklin Cynthia Burress
Sobol, Neil Cynthia Burress
Alkon, Cynthia Kristen Rowlett
Ayres, Susan Kristen Rowlett
Becker, Cecily Kristen Rowlett
Byrnes, William Kristen Rowlett
Calboli, Irene Kristen Rowlett
Garcia Sanchez, Guillermo Kristen Rowlett
Eckstein, Gabriel Kristen Rowlett
Gordon, Randy Kristen Rowlett
Ku, Charlotte Kristen Rowlett
Magnuson, William Kristen Rowlett
Marouf, Fatma Kristen Rowlett
Zampierin, Sara Kristen Rowlett
Mormann, Felix Kristen Rowlett
Pierce, Tanya Kristen Rowlett
Probasco, Bob Kristen Rowlett
Seymore, Malinda Kristen Rowlett
Sullivan, Harry Kristen Rowlett
Yu, Peter Kristen Rowlett
Walters, Dan Malikah Hall
Barnes, Wayne Malikah Hall
Bloch-Wehba, Hannah Malikah Hall
Casado Perez, Vanessa Malikah Hall
Green, Michael Malikah Hall
Herrera, Luz Malikah Hall
Holland, H. Brian Malikah Hall
Larson, Brian Malikah Hall
Lunney, Jr., Glynn Malikah Hall
Markovic, Milan Malikah Hall
Morrison, Angela Malikah Hall
Murphy, John Malikah Hall
Newman, Neal Malikah Hall
Reilly, Peter Malikah Hall
Slattery, Jeff Malikah Hall
Young, Michael Malikah Hall
Welsh, Nancy Malikah Hall

Additional Information

This list was updated for academic year 2021-2022.